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Eco Club Spotlight

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FHS provides students with numerous clubs that are designed to oblige every student’s interests. Particularly, Eco Club is a great, inclusive club that brings emphasis on environmental care to FHS.

The Eco Club at FHS motivates students and the community to take care of our Earth’s atmosphere. This includes finding ways to make Findlay, and the world, an eco friendly environment. Additionally, Eco Club was created to spread awareness revolving around environmental issues. This is very prominent at FHS, where there is a lack of prioritizing throwing away trash on campus. Learning important ways to reduce waste as well as to recycle items that are thrown on the grounds is what Eco Club members advocate for the most.

“I think I have always been interested in nature and the environment is a concern I have always had. Eco Club was a great first step to help take initiative to help the environment, and more specifically Findlay,” junior Eco Club member Joel Yeater expressed.

Having an understanding of the Earth’s status and finding ways to help locally within the environment may lead to substantial change worldwide.

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“The environment around our school, specifically the issue with the trash in the parking lot, was what really motivated me to join Eco Club so I could help make a difference at FHS,” senior Eco Club member Reagan Bruskotter stated.

Students in Eco Club share similar motives as to why they joined this club in the first place, most revolving around personal concerns that lie within the dangers that Earth is facing right now. Taking that step forward and advocating to take care of the environment can make a great difference within the community and world.

“Eco Club is a great club for everyone. You help our Earth become a better place, you get to be with friends, and you get plenty of volunteer hours,” sophomore Eco Club member Lola Spieles stated.

Overall, FHS provides an abundance of opportunities when it comes to partaking in club activity. The Eco Club is a great club that can provide involvement in taking care of the environment. Eco Club members advocate for the environment to be a clean, safe place for students, and the community as a whole.

When considering a club to become a member of, the Eco Club is a fantastic option and a good first step into bettering the environment.

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