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Zero waste products to try

Zero-waste and eco-friendly living is something that is beginning to gain traction and become more popular. With the popularity of this lifestyle increasing, products for it are becoming more common, less expensive, and better.

To live a zero-waste lifestyle, single-use plastics do not have to be completely eliminated from day-to-day life, they just need to be repurposed to be reusable, or recycled. An example of an item that falls into this category could be large water jugs that are purchased at the grocery store and can be refilled.

This lifestyle also includes eliminating purchases from companies that do not conduct sustainable practices, like the fast fashion industry. This accounts for companies like Shein and Romwe that make clothes designed to be worn a handful of times, then rotated out with the style trends.

A couple of easy, zero-waste, or eco-friendly products that can be incorporated into daily life are not as expensive or hard to get as one might think. Before purchasing any zero-waste products, ensure the purchase is being made from a company with sustainable shipping practices, as well as sustainable sourcing for the materials used to make their products.

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Bamboo toothbrushes, for example, are a great alternative to plastic toothbrushes. These products are no different than regular toothbrushes and do the job of cleaning teeth just as effectively. Some companies even create electric bamboo toothbrushes.

While the plastic ones can be recyclable, bamboo toothbrushes are compostable after the bristles are removed from the wooden handle. After that step, they can be thrown into the compost pile just like any fruit or vegetable trimmings or waste.

Ecopify is a sustainable brand that produces zero-waste and eco-friendly products that, when purchased from their website, come in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. OLA Bamboo is another option, with toothbrushes that have colored bristles, and recyclable/compostable packaging. OLA Bamboo also offers a biodegradable makeup remover pad that is made of bamboo instead of bleached cotton.

One product that people may not even think of as being environmentally harmful are single use items like cotton rounds or buds (also known as Q-tips). These products are intended to be thrown away, and while they may break down over time since they are made from organic materials, oftentimes they contain chemicals that might not break down for years, or even contain plastic components.

A really easy alternative to cotton rounds is reusable makeup remover pads. They are typically made from a soft fabric, which may be cotton, and are intended to be washable, with some even being able to be tossed into a bag and put in the washing machine with clothes. They come in a variety of colors and some have specific washing instructions for makeup or other substances to prevent staining.

All three of these products are relatively cheap and easy to find online. Even if the aim is not zero waste living, these products can contribute to reducing a person’s carbon footprint and help move toward a healthier lifestyle both for themselves and for Earth.

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