Come Play Review

The movie Come Play was released in October 2020, about a kid with autism who finds a book on his iPad about a lonely monster named Larry. Larry’s power comes from screens (iPads, Phones, and laptops). This kid has autism and is mute which means can speak and kids in his school believe his weird using apps to talk on a phone. this kid doesn’t have any friends and larry preys on that

The movie focuses on the monster being seen through the camera and he can come through screens putting the fear of technology into the movie. This would give some edge to the movie whether or not he is around when the kid is playing on a phone or Ipad.

The Monster’s name might be a little disving he has such a normal name Larry. But his face was horrifying. Larry is tall with long arms and he does not have eyes but there iss holes where his eyes are supposed to be. But in the book that summons Larry it says all he wants is a friend and he is after the kid to make him his friend.

The main character is a character with Autism who is mute and having a main character with a communication disability in a horror movie is a hardship for a character. But they have the characters use different ways to communicate with apps that say words for him or write out what he is saying. of course because kids are cruel the kid is bullied for having Autism. The kids pray that he can not talk and is able to use a phone in school to answer questions.

The movie Come Play is a Movie is directed by Jacob Chase, starting Gillian jacobs and Azhy Robertson and that shows a scary monster, a kid with a disability, and the fear of technology in one movie. Being a horror movie it is going to be scary and Come Play does capture jumpscares, creepy imagery, and a scary monster. It was a movie that was made for the halloween season of course so horror movies were coming out left right and center.