2021 Movie Outlook

2020 was a year like no other, whether you are interested in sports, video games, music, or film, this year was hard for everyone in different ways. The film industry, along with other arts industries, was hit especially hard by things like the Coronavirus.

“It’s hard to work with other people during this time, which makes it difficult to even create a good movie.” Sophomore, Brynn Rees, who has always had an interest in film, says.

In 2020, streaming services did especially well, as people were forced to stay indoors. Top movies of the year were not seen in theatres like normal, instead they were watched on services like Netflix, or Hulu.

“I like these streaming services because they are accessible and you can watch whatever you want.” Rees says.

According to Cinema Blend, when movie release dates were initially pushed back, the hope was that things would be back to normal in a month or two.

“I remember being disappointed when movies pushed back their release dates but now I think it’s for the best.” Brynn Rees says.

However, it is now 2021 and many movies are either planning on continuing to push their release date or send the movie straight to streaming services.

“I hope movies continue to be released on streaming services but if the release dates keep being pushed back, at least there’s something to look forward to.” Rees says.

Streaming services are releasing several movies to keep people interested, not only is this good for the service company, it also helps keep people interested in what is going on in Hollywood.

“I think services have been doing a great job of consistently releasing movies, I feel like there’s always something new to watch and it makes me want to watch more and more movies.” Rees says.

Cinema Blend predicts that even after theatres and inhabitable again, streaming could overtake movie theatres all together. When you think about a mall, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is the way online shopping has shut down many malls. It looks like the same thing may happen with movie theatres.

“It makes me sad thinking about how many movie theatres could be shut down, but I’d guess even if this does happen the big movie theatres would still stay open, and things would move to more accessible places, like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney +.” Brynn Rees says.

That being said, Hollywood has always found a way to keep the entertainment industry alive in some way. No matter what new movies will be released in some way shape or form.