Mulan Review

Disney has finally released Mulan for all on Disney+ and it has totally taken off, It has got a 73% on Rotten Tomatoes and that is really good.

The Mulan movie is a live-action version of the 1998 movie about the warrior Hua Mulan and her journey to save china. As she deals with showing herself as being a woman dressed as a male.

¨I don’t really like the movie because it doesn’t seem like the original it feels like a different movie that took ideas from the first and made it into a different movie, but i also haven’t really like the others that they have remade so I already knew i wasn’t going to like this one¨ Brayden Sampson Freshman said.

It seems that some of the people have their standard of how a movie is supposed to be and that is the only way that they can see that movie. That doesn’t mean that the movie is bad, it just means that it’s not what people are used to.Hopefully more people don’t think this and go into this movie thinking it’s going to be a shot for shot remake because that’s not what this is.

¨I absolutely love it. It has all the action fight scenes that a warrior movie should have. At the same time it has the right amount of story involved in it so you don’t get to bored of just constant fighting so i thought that this is a very good retelling of the original story¨ Riese Saum

This does show that not all people just want the movie to be a shot for shot remake and just want it to be a cool retelling. It also shows that Disney has become better and making remakes with a different style of telling the story and having it more accustomed to the present day viewer.