Why you should wear a mask

When COVID began a lot of people started to wear masks to protect themselves from getting the virus and as you should. Wearing a mask will make you less susceptible to the virus when out in public.

COVID is like the flu but if the flu was 100 times what it is if every symptom of the flu hit you 100 times harder than the normal flu.

According to the University of Maryland “Wearing a mask is highly effective and can make your daily life safer for those around you.”

Unless you want to get sick and the others around you to get sick then you should wear a mask to protect yourself and others. But Did you ever stop to think about how far a sneeze can travel? Believe it or not they can travel pretty far if they don’t have anything to block it

According to CBS8 “sneeze particles can spread up to 27 feet

If a sneeze came into contact with someone and you had COVID then they are susceptible to the virus then if they sneeze and it comes in contact with someone else the cycle continues. But if your wearing a mask the distance is reduced and its reduced by a lot

According to health and wellness articles a sneeze while wearing a mask can travel three to six feet with a mask blocking it of course.

But if you are wearing a mask the sneeze has to be reduced even if it’s just a little bit. So it can reduce the spread of COVID-19. Doing just this basic thing can reduce the spread and speed up the time it takes for this virus to be eradicated.

People who do not wear masks are more susceptible to the virus. The people who do not wear masks also don’t believe the mask works so there’s no point in wearing them and only wear them because they can’t go into stores or schools without them. But you should wear your mask for the safety of yourself and others.