Why you should not wear a mask

I don’t think you should have to wear a mask because I do not think it is important Covid-19 is serious, but a piece of fabric can’t stop a disease, It should be an option. People have said it makes it harder to breathe. Even at the start of Covid-19, the CDC said, “Healthy people should not have to wear masks”. This is why I feel it should be an option. Also people with breathing issues like Asthma and any other respiratory system issues should not have to wear a mask, they can if they would like to, but it should not be required.

On some brands of mask boxes they even say that they do not help with the spread of Covid-19. Wusa9’s website said, “Most if not all boxes say that it does not provide any protection against viruses.” Masks should be optional because of those reasons. The CDC says, “People with breathing problems should not wear masks.” Some places the masks are required, if people have breathing problems and have issues wearing masks, if they are required this could harm them.

People who feel like they should wear masks can, but it should not be a requirement. Another issue is that Covid-19 can be transmitted through so many places other than the air, and people don’t focus on those, for example in a store, if someone were to touch an item that another person had touched with the virus, the person who touched it has a chance of getting the virus. Another example is if a person with Covid-19 were to accidentally bump into someone, they could give it to that person they bumped into, and people accidentally run into people all the time.

This is why I think people should not have to wear masks anywhere and should not be required to wear them in public.