Call of Duty: Cold War Preview

Call of Duty Cold War is the newest Call of Duty to come out and everyone is excited about it. The last Call of Duty was Modern Warfare release in 2019 that had a bad campaign, and a great multiplayer, and Activities second attempt at a battle royale and Cold War should have everything that was in previous Call of Duty titles.

Call of Duty Cold War was the call of duty with zombies to come out after Call of Duty Black Ops 4 which not a lot of people liked. They changed core mechanics about the game. They made perks preference based. You would spawn in the game with a wonder weapon instead of going on a quest to set up to be invincible. Normally you would find pieces or do different tasks and collect or build your wonder weapon. However some people did enjoy Black Ops four but a majority of the fans did not enjoy it.

“I liked Blacks Ops 4” says sophomore AJ Griffin, someone who enjoyed Black Ops four. Junior Skylar Scott said “Yeah I loved it” enjoyed the game in its entirety all game modes you can play. “I enjoyed it somewhat” says sophomore Chase Cross the keyword here is somewhat.

With this many bad things you can say about Black Ops 4 not being a good game you can kind of see why people are excited for Zombies to return in Call of Duty Cold War. Other things people are extended to know if Warzone will be continued into Cold War. according to Call of Duty

“I played Warzone” says AJ Griffin who has played Warzone when it came out. Skylar Scott says “I love Warzone” well both of these students will be happy to know that Warzone will continue on to Call of Duty Cold War. Chase Cross said “I don’t play Warzone.”

What most people are excited for has to be zombies. In 2018 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 had zombies and completely changed how the game was played and it was not received well by fans. If they mess up Zombies a second time then it would probably mean they end zombies.
Ajay Griffin said “Not as much as I enjoyed Blackout and Multiplayer.” and Skylar Scott has said “yeah I loved black ops four.” Chase Cross said “yes I like BO4 zombies.”
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Call of Duty Cold War has fans excited for any new Call of Duty content but it does have a bar it needs to beat in order for this game to do well. It has to do better than zombies did last time, there has to be a campaign because there wasn’t one for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. but most of all, it must be a good experience for gamers that buy Call of Duty Cold War.