Top Thanksgiving Foods

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Many people can argue that the best part of Thanksgiving is the food. The usual foods at Thanksgiving dinners are actually not the same that were at the first Thanksgiving in 1621. Some of the foods at the first Thanksgiving consisted of venison, lobster, clams, and berries. People began eating the Thanksgiving foods that are at almost every Thanksgiving dinner in the late 1700’s. Of the more common foods, everyone has their favorites. According to students at FHS, these were the top Thanksgiving foods.

“The stuffing is always the best part. My mom makes homemade stuffing every year and takes it to all of the Thanksgiving dinners that we have and everyone loves it.” junior Emma Holdgreve said.

Green Bean Casserole
“I love green bean casserole. I feel like people always overlook it because it is green beans and green and looks gross but it is literally so good.” sophomore Avery Stults said.

Cranberry Sauce
“It’s always so fun on Thanksgiving when my parents put out the cranberry sauce and my brother and I immediately eat like all of it. It can be the whole berries or the jellied one and we will both immediately eat it.” sophomore Carter Riedel said.

“I don’t know if i’m the only person who thinks that the turkey is the best but it is. My grandma makes really good turkey and I eat so much of it.” freshman Charli Wendt said.

Pumpkin Pie
“I would say pumpkin pie is the best but it’s not the best on its own. You gotta cover it in whipped cream otherwise you’re not doing it right.” sophomore Brisyn Markins said.