Most Common & Most Creative Halloween Costumes

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  • Vampire costume

  • Cat costume

  • ‘Cereal’ Killer costume

  • Ratatouille costume

  • Bob Ross and painting costume

  • Family of Deer costume

  • Wheelchair train costume

  • Witch costume

  • Ghost costume

  • Clown costume

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For retailers, Halloween costumes and Halloween in general is a huge business for them. In 2019, it was estimated that retailers would make around $8.8 billion in just Halloween merchandise. Halloween costumes are huge in this because many people buy them each Halloween and there are always some costumes that sell more than others because they are more common.

Students at FHS have agreed that there are some pretty obvious costumes that are more common than others. These were the top five Halloween costumes that students have called “most common.”

“I would say that a clown is really common. I remember one year when I was a clown and went trick or treating, I saw so many other people dressed as clowns. It was crazy” sophomore Eric Opara said.

“When trick or treating, I always see so many little kids, even teenagers, that are vampires” junior Chloe Hughes said.

“Being a ghost for Halloween is really popular and because of the trend on TikTok with the ghost photoshoot, I think that ghosts this year will be really popular” senior Alauna Stults said.

“I feel like witch costumes are kind of common because there can be different types of witches. I have seen really scary witches but I have also seen cuter witch costumes” sophomore Urmika Ghosh said.

“I was a cat when I was like five. I went to my grandparents house that Halloween and one of my cousins was also a cat. It was a little awkward that we were both cats but I guess that proves that it is popular” sophomore Morgan Betts said.

There are also some costumes that are more creative than others. These costumes usually require a little more thought than the common costumes.

Students at FHS have called these costumes the most creative.

Wheelchair Train
“One of my friends’ brother had broken his foot around Halloween but still wanted to go trick or treating so his family made a train costume to put around his wheelchair. I thought that it was really creative” junior Emma Holdgreve said.

Family of Deer
“Last year, a family came to my door dressed up as a family of deer. I think there were like five deer total and it was kind of cool and creative” freshman Marissa Litteral said.

Bob Ross and Painting
“Two of my friends dressed up as Bob Ross and one of his paintings. It was creative and I don’t think that I’ve seen that costume before” sophomore Carter Riedel said.

“This one time there were these two kids and one was dressed up as Luigi from Ratatouille and the other one was dressed up as the rat and it was literally so cute” sophomore Avery Stults said.

Cereal Killer
“I’ve seen the ‘cereal killer’ costume a lot, especially on Instagram and Snapchat but it is still creative” sophomore Christopher Beck said.