2020 Horror Movies

Upcoming Horror Movies for 2020/2021

Multiple horror movies and movie remakes are confirmed to release, having many horror fans encouraged during the events of 2020. Due to COVID-19, most upcoming thrillers are set for next year.

The 1973 horror classic; “The Exorcist,” is getting a reboot, said to be shown in 2021. Morgan Creek Entertainment confirmed that the film’s remake is in the making. Although the original release of “The Exorcist” caused cinematic neurosis, an anxiety reaction to a film, this movie is very anticipated. Many publications had called the original film one of the greatest horror movies of all time.

“The reboot might be a good movie, maybe not as iconic as the original, but I am excited” says sophomore student Emma Welker.

Jordan Peele, the very well known comedian and director of the successful “Get Out,” is producing another exciting film, that is a reboot of 1992’s “Candyman.” The reboot was originally set to release in June of 2020, but from the recent events of COVID-19, it will be set to theatres in 2021. A trailer for the “Candyman” remake is released and can be found on Youtube.

“I am super excited for the new Candyman because the first one didn’t scare me so I am hoping that the remake will,” says medical worker, Amanda Grindell.

The “Saw” horror franchise is receiving it’s ninth installment titled “Spiral”. It will be released on May 21, 2021. The series of films are known to be extremely gory, something to keep in mind for the new film. The movie will star well known actors such as Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.

“I think Saw has had so many movies that I am not sure if this one will be original, but Chris Rock is in it so maybe that will make it better,” says freshman Kennedy Crislip.

Although COVID-19 has pushed most horror movies back and they will not make it in time for this Halloween season, some will be definitely worth the wait. “These movies sound pretty awesome,” says medical worker Amanda Grindell.