Terrifier 2

In the past weeks, Terrifier 2 has shook up audiences around the US. The new indie film has audiences passing out, throwing up, and running to leave the theater. Critics are saying it is the best horror film of 2022.

“Ok, if i’m being honest I’m way, way too scared to watch it. I’ve heard people are passing out in theaters and that’s a red flag,” junior Rachel Smith said. Terrifier 2 is the third horror/slasher film that features Art the clown. It is created by director, writer, and producer Damien Leone, who is known for writing and directing horror and slasher films. The original film, Terrifier, did not receive very much attention at first. It was characterized by critics as the worst movie they had ever seen, and that there was no actual plot in the film. Though, with a budget of $35,000, how good can it really be? “The name is cringe , the movie is weird and it wasn’t as good as Hubie Halloween. All I gotta say is it shouldn’t be on the big screens” freshman Zack Zinna said. Though some may think it is not good enough for the big screen, the stats do not lie. With the budget Terrifier 2 being 250,000 USD, the movie these past weeks has made over $8 million at the box office. The movie is 2 hours and 18 minutes long and it follows the main character Sienna, her brother and other citizens from her town getting terrorized by Art the clown. It takes place on the one year anniversary of his killing spree from the first movie. “The movie was actually pretty decent in my opinion, like yes the plot was ‘meh’ but with the budget of what they had they succeeded,” freshman Meria Zehender said. Before watching an R-rated movie, be cautious of the trigger warnings. Ideally, watch Terrifier 2 with an adult if under 17. R-rated films are not permitted to be seen by minors under the age of 17 without a parent or legal guardian in theaters. When it comes to horror, Terrifier 2 really has set the stage for upcoming films. Even though all are not satisfied with the outcome, people are sure to be shocked by what Damion Leone has in store next. With the unbeliavable budget and audience reactions, there is guaranteed to be more of Art the clown in the future.