Meet me at midnight

Taylor Swift released her newest album, Midnights, on October 21. As well as the base album being released, an album containing bonus tracks titled Midnights (3am Edition) was released.

This is a unique album for Swift as each of the 13 songs from the album are from different periods in her life when she was up writing at midnight.

Right away, the album was breaking records. In the first 25 hours of being released, the album hit 185 million streams, passing the record held by Bad Bunny earlier this year.

This was the most played album on Apple Music and Spotify in a single day.

All 13 tracks on the original Midnights album were in the top 13 charts. Just the song “Anti-Hero” alone hit 7.786 million streams in the U.S. This was the most streamed single in a day.

At Findlay High School, the songs “Anti-Hero” and “Maroon” are staff and students favorites on the album. In return, the song “Vigilante Sh*t” was the least favorite on this album.

According to Insider, Taylor Swift tied Barbra Streisand for the most number one albums sold with Midnights.

“Out of the Midnights album my favorite would be “Midnight Rain”, I enjoy the beat and bridge of the song,” sophomore Addison Patey said.

Taylor Swift has a unique fandom with different trends or “eras”. Many “swifities” have a favorite album that they relate to the most. Out of the 62 staff and students questioned, 42 said they are a fan of Midnights..

Another record that Swift broke with the Midnights album was the most vinyls sold in a single week of release.

“I really enjoy Taylor and her music has helped me through many difficulties. My favorite song from Midnights would be “Vigilanti Sh*t”, I love this song the most because it reminds me of Reputation but better.” junior Gage Taylor said.

To go in hand with this newest album Swift announced that she will be going on tour with new rising artists. The first tour for Taylor since before Covid. She is calling it the “Eras tour”.