First semester in the books



Findlay High School

With the end of Fall and the start of the winter season comes an end to the majority of the first Findlay High School academic semester of the 2022-23 school year.

Along with the education portion, there were plenty of performing arts and sports based activities that took place at FHS during the first semester.

During the first quarter it is not unusual for students to feel stressed and overwhelmed coming back from summer break. At the beginning of the semester, students spend some time reviewing topics from the previous school year. Students also spend time taking tests to know where their starting points are at the beginning of the year.

“I did pretty good this semester,” sophomore Grayson Hopkins stated.

With the first semester underway there are all of the fall sports that ended during this time.

The varsity football team ended their season with a 5-6 overall record. Both the boys and girls cross country teams had great seasons with the boys coming in 2nd place in the TRAC and the girls coming in 6th place in the TRAC. The boys golf team got 3rd place in the TRAC and the girls golf team got 4th place.

Finishing out the fall sports boys varsity soccer got 2nd place in the TRAC with girls soccer getting 3rd place. Girls tennis got 3rd place in the TRAC and girls volleyball got 5th place in the TRAC.

“After getting into the hang of things tennis wise I enjoyed the season way more than before as a first year” JV tennis player Ella Breiholz stated.

While academics and sports are some notable things during this semester there were a plentiful amount of music affiliated activities that took place over this time.

With the end of the varsity football season, the Findlay Trojan Marching Band closed their season with an end of season performance on November 1. The FTMB performed their pre-game show, Earth Wind and Fire show, second show, parade songs, and the closing songs which included some favorites like Louie Louie, George of the jungle and Land of a 1000 Dances.

Of course, this is not the last that will be seen of these tunes as the band will perform at girls and boys basketball games as well as the hockey games during the winter seasons.

Along with these groups a wide variety of FHS students freshman through senior started working hard in September to put together their rendition of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

The musical contained many iconic Peanuts moments throughout the show with the set of the musical showing the characters, trees, Snoopy’s house, the Cartoon brick wall, Lucy’s Psychiatric help stand and many more parts from the show.

Performances for the show took place November 11-13 in the R.L Heminger Auditorium.

¨The set was really cool and tech was fun, I personally liked the costumes too ¨ You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown performer Savannah Ortega stated.

While the first semester is not quite over yet there are plenty more sports, music and academic activities that will take place before the end of the semester.