Turkey Trot

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) held their 12th-annual Turkey Trot this year on Thanksgiving morning. This 5k helps the WRC continue to help women with their unplanned pregnancies as well as other reproductive health needs such as providing pregnancy tests, diapers and other needs that come up.
Many families come out and join WRC on Thanksgiving morning as it can be a fun way to kick off a day of being with family and friends.
The top 60 runners were released on November 25. The top 3 girls to finish were Emily Avers, Ella Webster, and Molly Stump. The top 3 male runners were Nick Dehaven, Jacob Clouse, and Adrian Stechschulte.
In total,1,531 runners joined the WRC for the 12 annual Turkey Trot.
“I thought the Turkey Trot was great! I would definitely do it again. The sign up process was easy, and well organized,” Turkey Trot participant Katlyn Foster said.
Participants have enjoyed this experience for the past 12 years and some even travel from out of Findlay to come participate.
When participating, many people take the time to spend with family and friends and they even bring out their kids to come run and walk with them.
Gunner Hartley was one of the participants. He is a fourth grade student at Wilson Vance. He also has spina bifida but has never let that stop him.
“I love participating in these races, I was thrilled to spend the morning running,” Hartley said.
These 5ks are open for everyone to participate as long as a good attitude comes along. Come join WRC next year for the 13th-annual Turkey Trot.