“Lose your blues” at the spring musical


On November 11, the Findlay High School Theatre Department announced their spring musical: Footloose. The 80s fan favorite is sure to attract a crowd this spring and entertain an audience with the lighthearted show.

FHS students are getting excited about the upcoming production, as auditions are set to be held in January 2023. Additionally, an informational meeting for interested students will be held on January 4.

“I think [the musical] will be a good opportunity for people to get involved with the theatre program,” senior Josh Baker said.

The most important part of a school musical is student turnout. Findlay High School’s productions are known for welcoming all people to audition, and each show has a versatile cast.

The show’s directors constantly address the importance of interested students attending the meetings and staying informed.

“This gives [students] experience in auditioning, and just being in front of people because we need public speaking,” rehearsal assistant Laura Dyer explained. “Everybody is going to have to do something like that at some point.”

In 2022, the theatre department presented Damn Yankees, a show from the 1950s. The show received very positive feedback from the public. However, Footloose includes modern melodies and a more relevant storyline, hopefully attracting even more attention from audiences.

“It’s a more popular musical [this year], and it’s a different style so I think it’ll be fun,” Baker added.

The FHS production of Footloose is on March 30 through April 1, 2023, and the cast will perform a total of four shows for the public to enjoy. Findlay students and their directors will work hard for the next several months to present an amazing show for the community, as they always do.

“I honestly can’t wait,” Dyer said. “I’ve been listening to the music and I’m just really excited about it.”