Which Grinch movie is the best?


“The Grinch and Max” by Lisa Zins is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The season of snow and holing up in the house for hours at a time to watch movies in the cozy, warm living room is approaching, bringing with it the holiday tradition of watching hours upon hours of Christmas movies.

Some holiday movies are a must in families’ Christmas celebrations. Dr. Seuss’ 1966 How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a Christmas staple in many households, as it is a classic, alongside movies like Home, Alone, and White Christmas.
It seems that many FHS students prefer the 2000 live-action version of Seuss’ story. The live-action movie, directed by Ron Howard and starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch, is much more comedic than the original cartoon, which offers some appeal to those who enjoy it.“It’s really funny and [a bit] relatable,” sophomore Ava Sons said.

Some who do not favor live action find it creepy or frightening.

“The live action [Grinch movie] is scary,” junior Nicole Susko commented. “[The original animated one] is the best one, obviously.”

For those who like it though, the creepiness is why they like the live action movie to begin with.

“It’s live action and uncomfortable, but Jim Carrey makes it really funny,” junior Greyson Stossel said. “But also really creepy.”

For some reason, the actor who plays the Grinch in this version, Jim Carrey, seems to be the uniting factor for those who enjoy this version the most. In every response involving the live action movie that was in favor of it, respondents mentioned enjoying Carrey’s comedy or the feel he brings to the movie.

“[Jim Carrey is] a very good actor,” junior Lucas Schroeder said. “I like his face when he does the Grinch face.”

Only one response favored the newest Grinch movie, released in 2018. “My favorite really is none,” sophomore Drew Denike said. “[But] newest I guess. Live action is creepy [and the] old animation is dated.”

At the end of the day though, it is clear that the live-action Jim Carrey Grinch takes the cake for the favorite.

“It’s a lot funnier and I don’t like the cartoon art style as much as live action,” junior Katy Rubiola said.