Christmas’ clearly superior cheer


“Christmas Ornament” by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

When it comes to end of the year holidays, the question of which is better, Christmas or Thanksgiving, is often asked. The majority of people would argue the best holiday is Christmas. Whether it be the presents, food, or the “Christmas spirit,” it is the continuous favorite choice of many.

A poll was taken from 45 FHS students to see if this held true. Out of the 45 students, 43 answered that Christmas is their favorite holiday. This left the ratio for Christmas favoritism to roughly 96%.

Presents are a big part of Christmas that people enjoy. Not just getting them for others, but receiving them as well. Many people enjoy the surprise effect of seeing what everyone got, and seeing others be surprised by the things they get from you.

“My favorite part of Christmas is the presents,” freshman Samantha Palka stated.

Another reason for Christmas being a holiday liked more is the Christian religious background to it of Jesus being born on Christmas. Many Christians celebrate this aspect of Christmas by going to church, setting out nativity sets, and listening to or reading the story of Jesus’ birth with their families.

“Going to church on Christmas is really important to me,” freshmen Kelcey Baskar said.

Christmas has much more to see and enjoy than Thanksgiving, especially when it comes to lights and decor. Many places like the Columbus Zoo and Glandorf Park put up Christmas displays for the public to see.

“I love going and seeing all the light displays with my friends,” freshman Emma Thompson said.

One of the most memorable parts of Christmas is putting up the Christmas tree. It is many people’s favorite part of Christmas, and definitely a tell tale to it. Some people enjoy this part most because of the presents that can be found under the tree Christmas morning, or good memories of putting up ornaments with family.

“Christmas, as a holiday, is the best,” freshman Emily Trinko stated.

With all of this, it is apparent that Christmas is the best holiday. Thanksgiving has its moments, but nothing compares to Christmas trees, the beautiful lights, and, of course, presents.