Thanksgiving: Thank you

Thanksgiving or Christmas questions many people’s minds this holiday season. Which is better? Thanksgiving is a time of being grateful and giving thanks to your friends and family; it is also a time for people to stuff their faces.

Thanksgiving originated when the native Wampanoag taught the Plymouth pilgrims how to grow crops in the new world. Thanksgiving was officially declared a holiday by Abraham Lincon by proclamation in 1863. It only became a federal holiday under FDR on December 26, 1941 making the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving.

“I like Thanksgiving for food and family [and] the scenery is nice too,” sophomore Ismael Sanchez said.

Common Thanksgiving traditions include watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and watching Football, eating pie and people taking turns saying what they are thankful for, and then going Black Friday shopping.

Thanksgiving is easily better than Christmas because no one is obligated to buy anyone anything and some people are not good at gift giving like when kids get socks for christmas from their great aunt who misspelled their name on the horribly wrapped package.

“One reason I don’t like Christmas is this pressure to find good gifts for people,” freshman Izaac Abdul-Zahir said.

Realistically Thanksgiving is just a good time for people to spend with their family without having to worry about when to do presents and hope they like the presents they got each other. Many people just do not like how commercialized Christmas has gotten.

“Christmas has just become a chore,” freshman Izaac Abdul-Zahir said.

Even though Thanksgiving often goes by fast and is forgotten in a few weeks does not mean the holiday should not be savored and enjoyed. Preferably with friends, family, and a big fat juicy turkey.

“At the end of the day I like being able to chill and enjoy some good food with my friends and family.” sophomore Ismael Sanchez said.