Should freshmen return to having an open lunch?

For years, all grade levels above ninth have had open lunch, allowing students to venture off campus during their lunch period. At one point, freshmen were allowed this luxury as well, but unfortunately due to a few mishaps, freshmen lunch was closed beginning at least 11 years ago and has continued to be the school’s policy on freshmen lunch ever since.

¨I would love to have an open lunch. I think that having an open lunch would be very exciting,” freshman Savanna Tink said. “I would love to have open lunch because I just don’t think it is fair that us 9th graders have closed lunch and the other grades have open lunch. I know they are older, but it is not fair because the 9th graders lost that privilege a long time ago and us students should not have to take that consequence for the past students.¨

On the other hand, some students believe differently.

“I feel as if it would be fun for the freshman, but the freshman should have to go through what we had to go through [as freshmen],” senior Correta Miles said. “I want freshmen to have open lunch but I feel they should get to know the school better and I feel the students will enter class late because of open lunch.”

The principal from 11 years or so back felt as if the 9th grade students could not handle them-selves outside of school and there had been some miscommunication outside and inside of school so they decided to shut the open lunch down for freshman.

“I am not opposed to having open lunch but freshmen have to prove they are mature enough to handle themselves outside of school,” L-R Principal Mrs. Gaietto said.

Most freshmen students want open lunch but some teachers may think otherwise. Most teachers may feel as if the 9th graders are not ready to have that privilege like the other students.

“For the first year [of high school], a lot of students aren’t driving yet, and I don’t know if they are ready for that responsibility,” Whole Child Counselor Mr. Adams said. “With the way they act in school, just think of the way they would act outside of school.”