5 Fun Fall Activities

Autumn is here in Flag City, Ohio and there can be a variety of fun things to do during this fall time.

These fall activities can range from fall fun to Halloween things to do that people may enjoy. Here are top 5 things to do that people may enjoy during this time of year

Apple Orchard (Apple picking)

Apple Orchards are a fun thing to go out with friends, family or partners. Apple orchards are always a fun fall activity because the apple cider can never be missed out on. Who can’t say no to some hot apple cider?

Apple orchards can be found across Northwest Ohio, such as the Sugarcreek Orchard in Lima, Ohio or Haslinger Orchard in Gibsonburg, Ohio. This is a very highly fun activity that everyone can go out and enjoy.

Going on a nature walk

During fall, walks are always scenic with the cool breeze and the leaves snapping off. Mosquitos do not have to be worried about. If dressed correctly, the fall weather can be enjoyable with the perfect scenery.

Nature can be found all throughout Findlay, Ohio. These areas include Riverbend trail/Reservoir, the Litzenberg memorial trail or even the most well known Riverside bike trail that can easily be walked.

So go on out and get some steps in and enjoy this fall weather.

Pumpkin picking

Whether it is for Halloween or some fun fall decor, going pumpkin picking is always great for the family. Many local places provide places for pumpkin produce such as Wolfe’s Produce and the North West Ohio Railroad Preservation.

Pumpkin picking can also be a great thing for the kids as they enjoy carving out pumpkins and creating their own cute little ideas. So why not go out and enjoy some pumpkin picking and have a few laughs with family?

Haunted Houses/Cornfields

This Halloween favorite can be enjoyed alone or even with friends. Haunted houses are always a fun thing to do. There can be a lot of funny screams or embarrassing moments to share on social media.

Haunted houses can only be done during the month of October so you better start getting out there now

A place to do that is one here locally, Ghost Town. Another fun one that can be done is the Distracted Haunted House in Bowling Green, Ohio. This one has a full 5 star review with more than 200 reviews so people know it is the best place that is going to give people the most screams

Trick or Treating

The last fall activity is trick or treating! All the candy on Main Street and throughout town can make the night better.

Another part of trick or treating is the costumes. In previous years, cool costumes like Pennywise, Squid Game characters, and superheros have been seen.

Trick or treat date for Findlay is  from 5-7 PM so get out there and start thinking of those costumes ideas.