Against E-Hallpass

At the beginning of the year, Findlay High School received a new and updated code that included E-Hallpass. Many students have expressed a major disliking towards the app.

The app is designed to restrict students from roaming the halls and they are given a certain amount of time that is valid outside of the classroom. Any more than five minutes and it is considered suspicious that the student was gone longer than the recommended time.

The app requirement also displays the fact that the school and teachers do not trust the student. Students cannot be trusted to walk to and from the restroom, walk to the library for a textbook or other resources, or even get a drink from the drinking fountains throughout the school day.

“Honestly, I think it’s just annoying. Maybe make kids who are known for sneaking around/out to use it,” junior Alexa Scheff suggested.

Instead of this being mandatory for all students, a list of certain trouble-making students or those known to skip class should have to use the app.

It would be much easier and more convenient for the teachers and students who are regularly on time, prepared, and reliable as an individual to be responsible and do the right thing, even when not being watched.

“It’s difficult to use. It takes a long time to find your teacher, then you gotta know where exactly the thing is that you’re going to and teachers need to stop class just to approve,” sophomore Gracie Steffensen exclaimed.

FHS has many classrooms, some of them without room numbers. On top of this, there are teachers with the same last name and prefix before it, making it difficult to know what teacher students are going to see if they do not know their first name and do not have the ability to quickly ask them.

Making a pass itself takes time out of the class that is unnecessary, as the teacher would have to stop class just the same if a student raised their hand.