“Smile” Thriller

A new horror movie by the title of Smile was released on September 30 in theaters. The movie has received mixed reviews from critics.

The movie, directed by Parker Finn, features Sosie Brown, Caitlin Stacey, Jessie Usher, and other well known faces.

Dr Rose Cutter ongoes a strange traumatic incident that causes her to be cursed by experiences that cannot be explained. She witnesses people eerily smiling through her day to day life. In the end, she must confront her past in order to overcome the terror.

Before being released, the production team had promoted the movie in a strange way by inserting actors into MLB games who wear a neon green shirt that reads “SMILE”. They were hired to sit in the stands and eerily smile throughout the entire game.

This type of advertising spiked interest in the movie tremendously.

“It’s so creepy,” senior Jess Hughes says. “It is really creative though because of how many people have gone to see it because of the advertising.”

After being released, Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 76% on the “Tomatometer” and the audience gave it an 80%.

The film features numerous jump scares and unexpected twists that leave the audience on their toes not knowing what to expect.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, “The most significant hallmark of Smile isn’t necessarily about the horrors of trauma but what happens when you’re brave enough to address it and things still go wrong,” top critic Valerie Complex claims.

Rose attempts to face her fears and fight the evil spirit. In typical films, facing their fears would result in solving the issue and everything would be all okay. However, this proves to not be a typical film in that facing fears, the worst comes to light.

“I never scream or cry or show emotion during movies, but I screamed during this one,” senior Morgan Betts said.