School VS E-Hallpass, Better for School!

School VS E-Hallpass, Better for School!

The E-Hallpass is a program and an app where both students and teachers are able to submit and accept online hallpasses to leave the classroom. This app was implemented into Findlay High School this year. The E-hallpass was created by the company Eduspire Solutions which they believe will be beneficial for schools.

“The E-Hallpass is very convenient,” sophomore Denny Burkett says.

The E-Hallpass is both extremely helpful and easy for both teachers and students. No more waiting to be called on if you need to use the restroom with this new pass, since you can now leave with the click of a button and approval digitally from your teacher.

“The E-Hallpass helps keep track of how long the students are away from the classroom,” science teacher Mr. Timmons says.

With the previous years of Findlay High School, students skipping class was a big problem but with the E-Hallpass you can no longer do that. The program automatically tracks how long students are away from the classroom making it much harder for students to leave the classroom and skip class.

According to a customer testimonial on, “It has definitely eliminated the number of students who were outside during class times,” a vice principal from a California school district said.

This year at Findlay High School, the staff are looking to have a more secure and safer environment when it comes to students being out of the classroom. Findlay City School’s mission statement is for students to have a safe environment in and out of the classrooms, which is stated on their website.

“With the E-Hallpass it is one of those things I just, you know, you hope that the students realize and see the benefit in the end,” Head Principal Ryan Imke says.

Despite some students’ dislike for the pass system, the administration is widely in favor of it, as it’s made their lives easier.

“I think it’s had a positive change,” Assistant Principal Don Williams says.