Ohio State Marching Band 2022-2023

The Ohio State Marching Band is back in full swing playing at the Football games of their undefeated 4-0 Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Ohio State University Marching Band is one of the only all brass/percussion college marching bands in the country. The OSU Marching Band has the title of “The Best Damn Band in the Land” with the band playing fan favorites such as Hang on Sloopy,” Buckeye Battle Cry”and the Pregame performance of Script Ohio.

Football games are not the only thing the Ohio State University Marching Band makes appearances at. They also play for the University’s basketball, hockey games and as an athletic band starting on November 22nd and October 8th.

Besides their regular season for the football team, there are many local events they are seen atfound Ohiostatebuckeyes.com

The Ohio State University Marching Band has a rigorous selection process for tryouts for the group with them typically cutting 400 students each year. Each week band members will spend up to 10 hours practicing in rehearsal, not counting the extra hours members may spend individually. For those who make it in the group each week 1 of the 2 alternates can challenge for a spot in an upcoming performance. Current senior Toby Schnipke says “the band works so well together and are so insync that it fits the brotherhood that Ohio State is all about.”

The part of the group known as the Ohio State Drumline (JI row) is made up of 2 rows with various different amounts of people depending on if it is half-time or pre-game. Snare drums have 12 members while tenors, cymbals and bass drums have 6. No matter the position of the student whether that be as squad leader or section leader, all of these members have to audition again each year to make sure the top 32 make the group stated by osu.edu.

The drum major is a family figure on the OSU campus. The drum major has been a part of the Ohio State University Marching band since 1878 but in 1920,George “Tubby” Essington made the drum major have the character it displays today. The drum major for Ohio State Marching Band known for running down the ramp entrance leading into a backbend, leading script Ohio and “dots the I” with the sousaphone.

Ohio State University’s version of a pep rally is something known as a “Skull Session.” skull sessions attract thousands of fans into Saint Judes arena. Visiting high schools frequently come and watch these performances or perform as guests in them. This can encourage students who want to follow a path in music or even take their marching band experience to the college level. Current senior Micheal Cunningham Jett said that” Skull sessions are something that Findlay High school should look more into.”

In the summer OSU marching band hosts summer sessions for high school students. These summer sessions are targeted to help improve students’ marching skills, musicianship and it helps high school seniors decide if they are interested in getting an audition spot for the OSU marching band.

Back in 1965 a small group called the “McCoys” brought an iconic song to Dayton created by the “vibrations” a year prior. This same exact year John Tatgenhorst arranged the same song and at the Illinois Ohio State game “Hang on Sloopy” made its debut. 20 years later this song was designated as the state rock song. Current junior Jordan Weaver says” ‘Hang on Sloopy’ is one of the most memorable songs our band plays during” pre-game.”

OSU has a wide range of music based activities that students can get involved in on campus. These groups are the foundation for the marching band. Other groups at OSU are Jazz band, small ensembles, symphony orchestra and athletic band. All of these activities are open to anyone nationwide.