You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown


Marissa Shoemaker

Senior Eva Mallamaci (Snoopy) and senior Josh Baker (Schroeder) rehearse a song.

On November 11, Findlay High School Creative and Performing Arts will present their rendition of the Broadway musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. The show will run through November 13.

Traditionally, Findlay High School has prepared a fall play and a spring musical. In a change of events, a fall musical is in production.

The comedy presents an average day of Charlie Brown along with vignettes with other Peanuts characters. The characters include Lucy, Linus, Sally, Schroeder, Snoopy, and an ensemble consisting of 10 other characters.

The first performance of the show was done in 1967 then Revived on broadway in 1999. The musical is inspired by the Peanuts comics originally by Charles M Schulz.

In the first act, the lack of courage Charlie Brown has is displayed when he places a bag over his head to avoid talking to girls. The attraction between Lucy and Schroeder is presented with Lucy asking about marriage and Schroeder’s thoughts about it. All happening while Schroeder is lost playing his piano.

Furthermore, The love between Linus and his blanket is made fun of by the other characters. The notorious Kite-Eating Tree comes to light when Charlie Brown attempts to fly his kite but a tree destroys it.

In the second act, Snoopy is in his World War I phase with his uniform on top of his doghouse. He imagines himself as a pilot. Sally shares her new philosophy when her teacher presents her with a D.

The Peanuts play in the Little League Baseball Championship. Later, Snoopy is in deep sorrow about Charlie Brown forgetting to feed him and he breaks into song about the sadness until Brown comes through with his food.

Lastly, Charlie Brown comes to a realization of what a “good man” is.

“It’s all pretty fun,” senior Eva Mallamaci shares. “We’ll definitely have a lot of reaction from the audience.”

Mallamaci will play the role of Snoopy. She shares that rehearsals are a blast due to the overall humor within the show and other cast members.

This year’s cast showcases some new faces in the fall production. One of which being Mallamaci.

“I’ve been coming to watch the fall play for the past few years, and I have a lot of friends who do it,” She continues. “This year, I had the time in my schedule to do it so I thought I would give it a try.”

Mallamaci was in last spring’s production of Damn Yankees, however, this is her first time being in a fall production.

Other new faces consist of Ava Lackey, Jenna Clements, Cameron Smith, Owen Hackworth, Hanna Benton, Maddie Cantrell, Paige Griffith, Ellie Haas, Savannah Ortega, Grayson Quickle, Katelyn Rose and Elaena Smith.

Returning students include Josh Baker, Rachel Merrin and Zoe Sleasman.

Opening night is November 11 at 7:30pm in the FHS Auditorium. Be sure to come out and support hardworking students.

“Watch for the song Beethoven Day. It’s so good” senior Josh Baker concludes.