OMEA State 2022: Band and Choir


Holly Spitler

FHS Music Programs F (derived from Athletics F).

This past weekend, the FHS’ Wind Ensemble and all three choirs competed in OMEA’s State Contest. Previously the band traveled to Marion-Harding, with choirs at Lima-Shawnee, in early February, each earning a one, allowing them to move into their spots for state.

During the months between February and April, these groups have been working away to improve the pieces they performed at contest in February, and additional pieces that were added to meet requirements for state.
“I’m excited,” junior Alex Davis said. “Personally, [this is] my first state competition with the high school band.”

The Wind Ensemble performed on Friday April 29, earning the band’s first 1, according to director Dan Wilson, in 17 years.

“It’s great that we get a chance to go, considering we haven’t had contest for 2 years and we were able to get ourselves to [the level of making it to state] is great,” senior Liz Laird commented.

The FHS choirs performed on Saturday April 30 at Van Buren. Freshman and Symphonic Choirs received a 1, with Concert Choir earning a 2.

“Choir going to state is such a cool opportunity, [since] we missed an entire year of helpful construction due to the pandemic,” sophomore Ava Keiffer remarked. “We’ve all worked so hard to be able to go to state and I really hope it pays off!”

If support could not be shown at these events, that is no problem! These are not these groups’ final performances of this school year.

On May 17, the Wind Ensemble along with the other bands will be performing for their Spring Extravabanza concert. Following this, the choirs will be having their final concert on May 18.

Be sure to see these amazing music groups and show support for the students who have put in months of hard work and dedication. Also be sure to congratulate the members of these groups on their high ratings in these contests!