What does it take to succeed in the Music Business?

The Music Business is notorious for being one of the hardest industries to succeed in. It is a constantly changing industry, with the rise of successful independent artists ranging from Phoebe Bridgers to the Arctic Monkeys. Not to mention the rise of streaming platforms, making the market for music more accessible to consumers, but more competitive for creators.

For those hoping to enter the industry, there are a few overlooked characteristics necessary to become a successful musician in any sense. Brad Rees, vice provost of the music department at Tiffin University,has spent his career working to help upcoming musicians be successful in the industry.

“Versatility,” Brad Rees cites versatility as a necessary characteristic to make it in music, “The more skills you have the more opportunities there are for you. And those will usually open up doors to opportunities that require even different skills.” Rees says.

With emerging technologies comes new ways to make music.This means if you have access to a phone or computer, then you can make music. When starting to make music, and developing your identity as an artist, Rees says persistence is key.

“Be audacious. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t wait until you are the best at your thing. Put yourself out there. Get practice doing gigs. Nothing will make you better faster.” Brad Rees says.

Practice makes perfect, but you can always be better and no matter how good you are, Brad says it’s important to be nice, be honest, be professional, and of course, be humble.

“It doesn’t matter if you are the best if people don’t like working with you. They will hire you first if they like working with you.” Rees says.

If music is your passion and if you really want to work in the industry, take some notes from those in the industry; and don’t forget to be persistent, versatile, and be humble.