What Can Make Findlay Less Boring?

The city of Findlay has a reputation of being boring; many believe there is a huge lack of things to do within the Findlay area. Staff and students of FHS, as well as the community of Findlay as a whole, are interested in adding other businesses with different activities.

“I normally like hanging out at places like Meijer or the mall because that’s pretty much the only option we have,” senior Jubilee Beatty said.

Beatty explains that hanging around supermarkets has consistently been an activity she does in Findlay with friends. She points out that as the mall has died down and stores have left, the hype has diminished.

“I really just enjoy getting coffee at Starbucks, Dunkin’, or small coffee houses,” junior Eric Opara mentioned.

In the past few years, chain coffee shops have gradually made their way to Findlay and have withheld their prominence. Opara confirms the popularity of the coffee shops in explaining that he routinely visits them to have something to do.

“Although we have two Starbucks locations, I believe that we should have another venue closer to the highschool,” Opara recommended.

Having another Starbucks location in close proximity to the highschool could possibly reduce the traffic at the other two locations, according to Opara. He also says it would be more accessible to FHS students who would like to get coffee before school or during open lunch.

“Restaurant wise, I think we need something more like, middle of the road,” English teacher Mrs. Kanney proposed. “Kind of like Five Guys or Chipotle where you can do carry out but you could also stay and sit there.”

Kanney specified that she would like to see restaurants that would not be classified as fast food such as McDonald’s nor classified as a nice sit down restaurant such as Olive Garden.

Other students remark an interest for specific cultural foods such as a restaurant for Mongolian food, Haitian food, or other cultures.

“[Findlay] used to have staples like JCPenney and things,” Kanney notes.

She asserts that there is a desperate need for more clothing stores as they have been progressively closing.

A consistent thought through teachers and students is the need for a Target in Findlay.

Downtown Findlay has attracted a few businesses with a variety of recreational activities including axe throwing, pottery painting, an arcade, and others.

“A lot of the places around Findlay that my friends and I would typically go to for fun have gotten boring or old,” junior Urmika Ghosh explains. “A great addition to Findlay for activity purposes would be a trampoline park.”

Ghosh says a trampoline park with resemblance of Sky Zone would bring a lot more excitement to Findlay and provide a lot more variety.

“Go karts have started to become a big thing lately,” Ghosh continued.

Scene 75 is an activity center in Columbus that has a large go kart track that Ghosh and her friends often visit. She remarks that the track is consistently busy and always fun. She believes that opening a go kart track would also increase the popularity of Findlay.