Spider man No way home

The new upcoming Blockbuster movie Spider-Man no way home it’s an action-adventure film that is set to release on December 17th to the public and has an All-Star cast of Tom Holland,Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and many more. This film is a very anticipated movie and some are saying That this film is going to be bigger than the previous most anticipated Marvel Blockbuster film “ Avengers :Endgame”.

Spider-Man no way home is a very popular topic because it introduces the Multiverse which is something that almost anybody can connect with . This is due to it having many versions of a character making it so it’s not just based on one person it has many different variants which is why a lot of people like it.

With pop culture constantly changing it is no wonder that Spider-Man has been changing throughout the years this is also due to different companies owning the license to Spider-Man and also different producers making their own spin on what Spider-Man is To them.

Many people typically like to watch all of the Spider-Man movies due to him being one of the most entertaining Marvel characters to watch. Some people think it is controversial because there are currently three different trilogies of Spider-Man. The first Trilogy is what most people consider to be the best trilogy when the second Trilogy has Andrew Garfield .

This one people think is not as good due to the screen writer not having enough equal spacing/pacing throughout the movie.The third Trilogy which is the current Trilogy has Tom Holland in it a lot of people genuinely enjoy watching it because it’s different in the way that makes it better than what the past previous Spider-Man trilogies were.

With all of these movies being amazing you have to give credit to the Villians that are in these movies . One of the main reasons people are “Hyped” for the Spider man no way home is the returning Villian cast of Willem Dafoe as green goblin ,Jamie Foxx as Electro,Alfred Molina as Doctor octopus and Rhys Ifans as Doctor Curtis Connors .

Most of these actors have not played their roles for at least 6 years let alone all together . While all of these Actors fit there character well “Willem Dafoe’s” green goblin was Murilo.M’s Favorite character due to Him fitting his character the best with the best background .

There is a high probability that Spider man No way home will easily make millions due tickets for the movie selling out within the day and the previous movie making 1.132 billion USD.