Oxford High School Shooting

In Oxford, Michigan on November 30th a school shooting accord at Oxford High School. The high school student who was responsible for 4 deaths and more injured was Ethan Crumbley. Crumbly is already in custody while his parents are on the run from authorities.

Many people have questioned how the school has handled this situation and what other schools will do as precautionary measures.

¨Reading and hearing about the murders at Oxford High School continuously make me think about what decisions I am making as an educator¨ History teacher, Mr. Hankins.

Everyone who is involved with school including teachers, students, and parents have already commented. What about people who are not involved with school, what are their thoughts?

¨Obviously the school did not have security and it is sad to see that they waited to talk to that kid with all that was reported about him¨ boxing coach, Isaiah Romero.

It was shown that many students reported his behavior of drawing and saying very obscure things. This is hopeful to show that students report these things but what about how the students acted during the shooting?

¨The kids acted differently than I would’ve thought. They were not really freaking out in the video I saw and they all acted like it was normal which is a concern if they act like this but I am glad that most of them made it out¨ Boxing coach, Isaiah Romero.

It is good to have an opinion of a school problem from an outside perspective to see what ideas they may have to better secure the security of students around the country. Many have questions about schools and their security and how well Oxford represents other schools.