Supply chain issues

As we are slowly seeing all the impacts of Covid fading away, one thing that doesn’t seem to be improving is the worker shortage in America.

With the worker shortage, you can expect to have long lines at drive throughs, restaurants only doing takeout due to not having waiters, and delivery times for products ordered online to be way behind.

The main reason for the massive delays is the surge of online orders coming in. With people unable to leave the house earlier this year, their only option was online shopping. The demand far outweighed the market’s capacity.

Another factor for all the online orders is people spending their stimulus checks. The Government was passing out money to Americans that were unable to work during the lockdowns, and in some cases, People were getting more money for sitting at home then they would at their job.

Ports are still all backed up, and in California alone, there were 111 ships that were unable to enter port because the ports dont have the capacity to unload all the ships fast enough. There is a lack of labor, trucks, warehouse capacity, and railroads to move the goods all over the country.

What does this mean for the holidays, especially Christmas time? It means you should order your items sooner rather than later, and you should order products from your country to avoid overseas shipping if possible. Even if the scheduled delivery time is for a week or less, you cannot trust that anymore.