Harry Styles’ “Love on Tour” in Cleveland

On Monday, October 18, fans flock to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in the heart of Cleveland for Harry Styles’ sold out show- the crowd is a sea of feather boas and go-go boots as hundreds race for the entrance to witness Styles’ long-awaited return to Ohio.

“Harry was an artist that helped me through extremely rough times so seeing him live was literally a dream,” a senior at FHS, Karina Bates, says.

With the opener (Jenny Lewis) beginning at 7:50, and Styles himself having a set from 9:00 to 10:30, the show had a total runtime of about three hours and 40 minutes. The extent of that time was filled with screams of fans, intense dance moves, and incredible live music. Styles’ creates an environment with his performance that is nearly electric.

Harry Styles is one of the first artists to perform a national tour since the COVID-19 vaccine has been developed. All attendees of any Love on Tour stop are required to provide a negative Coronavirus test or proof of vaccination, as well as wearing a mask the entire time inside the venue. It’s obvious the crowd and even Styles himself are excited to be back to some sense of normalcy.

Harry Styles is known for his gregarious personality and bold fashion choices, as well as his incredible voice. Any show on “Love on Tour” is proof of that, as colorful lighting and visuals light up the arena to combat Styles’ performances. In Cleveland, Styles performed a total of 17 songs that had the floor shaking everytime.
“Please feel free to be whoever it is you have always wanted to be in this room tonight. And I challenge you, I challenge you to have as much fun as I’m gonna have,” Styles says charismatically after performing his first song “Golden”.