Do people start celebrating Christmas too early?


A red, glittery, Christmas ornament.

It seems that every year Christmas decorations are being put out in stores earlier and earlier. Other holidays often get kicked under the rug to make way for the gift giving, baking, and snow filled extravaganza that is Christmas.

Sometimes, this is something that brings joy, however it also masks and covers up other important holidays that are not about giving or receiving gifts. Thanksgiving often gets swept under the rug as the result of the Christmas season starting so early.

Students here at FHS agree, with 54% of poll respondents, out of 55 total responses, saying that people begin celebrating Christmas too soon.

“If we get ready too early, we lose the meaning of the other holidays we are cutting short,” sophomore, Rae Merrin says.

Other students believe that the months leading up to December from October each have their dedicated holiday and it should remain like that. “Christmas is a holiday in December.

“November is for Thanksgiving, October is for Halloween. etc.,” junior, Hannah Thomas says. “It’s just unnecessary to celebrate any earlier because then you have no room to celebrate and decorate for other holidays. ”Other students believe that celebrating Christmas too soon defeats the purpose of the holiday.

“You shouldn’t celebrate Christmas too soon because it dilutes the actual Christmas day,” freshman, Jorian Gerrick says. “If you celebrate, say, all December, then the 25th is just another day of Christmas.”

Students also say they’ve seen stores put out Christmas decor as early as 2-3 months before the holidays, contributing to the early celebration of the holiday.

“Stores do start selling stuff right after Halloween, which helps the rush of decorating and getting into that Holiday spirit,” sophomore, Rae Merrin, says.

Poll responses support this answer, with 28 out of 55 responses saying that stores put Christmas decorations out far too soon.

However, other students disagree, saying that the Christmas season should have celebrations started whenever it feels right.

“I think before Thanksgiving may be a bit early but I don’t think it really matters when you decide to celebrate,” sophomore, Zach Manley says. “If you gain joy from an activity I don’t think there’s any point in getting upset over when someone else decides to celebrate.”

Whether you start celebrating before October’s even over, or mid-December, enjoy the start of your holiday season this year.

“I think people start celebrating so soon because the holidays make them happy and I think it’s fine to decorate early if that’s something that brings you joy,” sophomore, Maddie Hagedorn says.