Should FHS Stop Using Chromebooks?

Findlay City Schools have been using chromebooks for their students since 2016 but there has been some talk that not all the students and staff exactly love them. One of the main reasons the school went with the chromebook is because they were cheaper and made well. They also switched to one on one because other districts were choosing a modern approach, according to” FHS IT technician Andre Arnesen.” But staff and students question whether it would have been better to choose different devices.

When the students need help with their chromebooks at school, they go to their librarian. They are known to help the students have access to chargers throughout the day or even give the student a loaner while putting all the information into a program that goes to the tech department.

¨…broken screens and faulty motherboards are probably the largest contributors to the incidents, followed by trackpads missing keys. Water damage,bad batteries, and pieces stuck.¨ FHS IT technician Andre Arnesen says.

These are some of the main issues that students are having with their chromebooks.

Some students complain that the chromebook just is not getting the job done. A survey about what devices the students at Findlay have been filmed. Only 23.7% want to keep the chromebooks, 76.3% of the students said that they would prefer a different device.

There is some controversy that there are pros to the chromebooks compared to other devices; however, chromebooks are one of the most diverse devices. They work with all of the classes offered. The cost of them is more bearable as well. The school is able to keep track of what the students are doing a lot easier than it would be on a different device.

¨We chose chromebooks throughout the entire district because of the value they gave us between cost, the enterprise management, the usability, and the apps and the control that can be set on them. It simply was the best for the value.¨ Arnesen says.

“With the tough last couple of school years, the chromebooks are the most helpful,” Arnesen says.

Not all students have access to devices to work with the school work. This has helped keep students and staff connected even though sometimes it is rough. Some of the students said that it could be useful if there was not always something wrong with them.

“I have not taken in my chromebook in as much as I should have, I am afraid I am going to have to pay a fee to get it fixed because I know it is not in good shape.”A Sophmore, Rebecca Heft at findlay high school said.