Mortal Kombat

As of August of 1992 there has been one game series that has made at least 12 billion dollars since its release and that series is Mortal Kombat. This series has made up to 18 games, three live action movies and a whole series of cartoon animations.

As of April 2021 the newest development of the Mortal Kombat series has been released to theaters and streaming services where available. This creates a new line of movies by Warner brothers because the original two live action movies were released by game publisher Midway, they filed for bankruptcy and Warner Brothers bought the rights to the Mortal Kombat series.

Robert leatherman Freshman said ¨ I thought the movie was absolutely fantastic and I hope that the next movie will be just as good. The last movie that was under the mortal kombat name was not very good the only thing i liked about it was the awesome music that they got for the movie.¨

Many of the die hard fans of the series have seen the movie and were pleased with what they saw. They may have seen some things they didn’t like but as far as they can see they are happy to see one of their favorite series get reborn into the 21 century.

¨This reboot of the series really helped bring back the mortal kombat name and fix what the last two movies had done to the series, even though in the movie you don’t get to see the tournament you see more of the back stories of all the characters¨ freshman Kayla Franks said.

After the two other live action games this person saw this movie as redemption of the series. They say this because they saw the last two movies as comedies rather than the gore fest the games are, and this new movie gave them the gore they needed that they didn’t get with the last ones.

¨Yeah the movie was fine and all but I don’t find this movie to be a Mortal Kombat movie. It’s more like a action movie that has the Mortal kombat characters in it¨ Trenton Reynolds said

This person thought that this movie was going to be a remake of the last two movies but it’s more like a backstory movie than a remake. This movie will most likely lead up to the next movie that they teased in the ending of the first one. So for this person they didn’t really know where this movie fit into the timeline so they really didn’t get the point of the movie but nonetheless they enjoyed the movie.

To most people this movie was a ¨FLAWLESS VICTORY¨ and we can’t wait to see what the next movie has to offer since that one looks like it will be about the actual tournament and we can see who will get ¨ FATALITIES¨ next.