King Kong vs. Godzilla Review

By. Landen Blankenship

As of March 31, 2021 we have finally seen who the alpha monster is Godzilla or King Kong since their first match up in 1962 that’s nearly 60 years of back and forth fighting. Lets finally see who has put the other monster in their place.

Although there was no true winner because both of the opponents were standing when the movie ended. There was a wrench through into the mix with the fact that both monsters teamed up to defeat Mechagodzilla and after the mecha was defeated kong and godzilla walked their separate ways both to live another day.

Robert Leatherman Freshman said ¨ This was the movie that we all have been waiting for since this is one of the best movies that has came out this year, I was so glad that even though me and my friends are rooting for the opposite team that we all didn’t end up getting mad over the ending because we all decided that was the fitting end of the rivalry.¨

This means that younger audiences have also grown up with these historical monsters and that they as well as older audiences have a love of the franchise and that whatever the producers do to the story the audience will watch the movie and tell them if it’s what they believe would happen.

Jordan weaver freshman said ¨ This mavie having been release the year after the election when the country is still a little on edge about it, have the cover image being one side red and one side blue seems to symbolize something else I don’t know if this is what they expected but this is what i got from the movie.¨

Over the years the audiences have seen time and time again that these monsters have tried to save the world. In a time when the world is split these two monsters come together for all of humanity and try to save them from themselves, thus to this person there is a bigger meaning to this whole movie.

Trenton reynolds Freshman said this ¨ this is a little boring to be honest, they led this up to be an all out movie about a fight and throughout the entire movie there was only a short amount of time actually fighting so its a bit boring.¨

To this person they think that the movie is just ok and that it isn’t as good as they thought it was going to be. They thought that it was going to be the next Infinity War & End Game from 2018 & 2019. So when they saw this they were a little disappointed.