Vaccine for all

On Friday, Ohio’s governor, Mike DeWine, announced that everyone 16 years or older is able to get the vaccine for COVID-19. However, people won’t be able to continue with their appointments for the vaccine until March 29.

Before this announcement, only people 40 years old or older were allowed to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

There are three COVID-19 vaccines approved for the United States which are Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. For Ohio, only the Pfizer vaccine is allowed for those under the age of 18.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is going to be the most common because it is only one shot instead of two according to Mike DeWine. There would only need to be one appointment made for the shot rather than two appointments.

More than 25 percent of people from Ohio have started a vaccine as of March 25. Then there are also 14 percent of Ohioans already completing their vaccine.

“I am getting the vaccine. I don’t know when though, but I will,” says freshman Hannah Sandusky.

“I’m getting the vaccine because it will keep me safe,” says sophomore Emma Welker.

Ohio is gradually getting closer to having its vaccines available for everyone, now letting all adults get the vaccine along with people aged 16 and 17, that only leaves people that are the age of 15 and under to get it.

People that are under the age of 40 are only able to get the vaccine by using the “Get the Shot” tool. “Get the Shot” is a website people have to go through to make sure they are eligible to get the vaccine.

It surely will not be long before all of the state of Ohio is able to get the vaccine, any age or situation.