2021 Prom Plans

As Governor Mike DeWine released information about prom, graduation, and other end-of-year senior activities, seniors around Ohio started wondering- what would this look like? Are we going to get to do what every other class gets to do?

Findlay High School has released information about our prom- or promenade. This senior only event “combines the glamour of prom, while keeping students safe and healthy.”.

The event, taking place on May 17th, will consist of a formal dinner, live music, recognition, and memories. Promenade will be taking place in the courtyard.

Some people are upset that it’s a senior only event. “I think that prom being a senior only event is a little disheartening,” junior Michaela McNamara says. “I completely understand why they made this decision. However, it’s a little disappointing to not be able to attend this event.”

Others are happy that the class of 2021 gets their own event. “We’ve had this year turned upside down,” says senior Savannah Wilcox. “We didn’t get a homecoming or winter formal. Our extracurriculars aren’t the same nor as fun. School isn’t as motivating. I think we deserve one night to ourselves just to relax and have fun.”

The class of 2021 did not get to attend prom last year, meaning this would be their first prom. Like that event was cancelled, so was homecoming. This version of prom gives this class a fun experience that they have never had before, while keeping them safe and healthy.

The Senior only Promenade will take place on Saturday, May 17th, from 7-11. The event will be held in the FHS courtyard.