Gloomhaven Review

Gloomhaven came out in 2017 and it is probably the biggest, heaviest and most complicated game you’ll find. However it’s not really hard it just has a lot of small pieces. The game without opening it weighs 20 lbs. But it is a great game to play on the weekend with a party of friends.

One concept in the game is retirement. After you complete a personal quest given to you when you start a character you stop playing that character you chose and start a fresh one. But you can start your character at the level of prosperity to the world. But as you complete your quest you will unlock more people to play as besides the base six (Brute, Scoundrel, Spellweaver, Tinker, Mind Thief, Crag Heart.).

Sophomore Alex Davis say “I will be upset but Im excited to start a new charater”

Your character has a skill set which is how many cards you can have while playing the game. Some people have small amounts of cards like the spellweaver, or a lot like the Tinker. After you use a card you have to discard it or you have to lose it and it goes into your lost pile. You can get cards from your discard pile by taking a long rest or a short rest.

Sophomore Alex Davis say “I think my character has a normal amount of cards”

A cool part of Gloomhaven is here is a city going around you. Citizens that live in the city of Gloomhaven that do things to affect your party. They could come to you asking for help or they could try to hinder your performance. But it’s not just the city of Gloomhaven working with or against you. The countryside, fields, or forest could also play a role in how your party performs. You could find someone camping and rob them or you could be attacked by a bear and be wounded before you even start your mission.

Sophomore Alex Davis say “I like how its an immersive game.”

Gloomhaven has more of a story than what your party is going on. The city does things while you’re out on adventures. The character here have their own hopes and dreams and feelings and they may sound dumb but in a tabletop role playing game it is a great idea. It adds a sense of life to a game that’s mostly about just fighting demons and bandits.