Are we too “sensitive”? No

It’s not uncommon to hear “your generation is too sensitive” in reference to Gen Z and all of the censorship we’ve created on the internet. Many adults see this as sensitivity and say we should “live and let live.” “We used to be a society with an attitude of “live and let live” and “agree to disagree” toward our differences, even when it comes to the most fundamental of disagreements,” PJ Media says. While it’s true that sometimes we should agree to disagree, other times, like when others are being discriminated against or “teased” in a manner that is harmful, it’s not always right just to let it go. People being “sensitive” is viewed as a negative trait, when in all realness, all we’re doing is being mindful of others. “Sensitivity in our society seems to be viewed as weakness, as the above question suggests. This is a fallacy. Our capitalistic values teach us that competition in addition to climbing the social latter are essential in being “successful” and that those who make decisions based on emotions (ew, gross) will ultimately suffer,” Thought Catalog says.

You wouldn’t walk up to a veteran and blow a firework in their ear, would you? So if someone has a word, phrase, upsetting gesture, etc, that they’ve shared with you that is a legitimate trigger, why wouldn’t you do your best to avoid saying it? “The debate surrounding whether or not we are too sensitive seems to be brought up hand in hand with the first amendment – it seems to be centered on the freedom to express our thoughts. And while that’s all well and good, just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should say something,” Thought Catalog says.

White people have the capability to utter the “N-word”, but that doesn’t mean they should say it. It’s not “just a word”. It was used to oppress a race, and still is in some places. It’s not sensitive for the generation to decide people are not allowed to use a slur unless you can reclaim it (meaning it was used against you/a group you belong to).
Another part of this is the level of harassment, bullying and upsetting comments made online. Social media is a cesspool of anger and hate for many, especially if they’re considered “different”. Why is it so awful that our generation wants those people to be treated just like the “normal” kids?

“As social media becomes more accessible and continues to grow with platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, the anonymity attached to these vehicles has allowed for an increase in cyberbullying and a decrease in personal consequences,” Thought Catalog says.

Often I will see a kid being called rude names on the internet and the response becomes “don’t be so sensitive”. More so, when boys are being awful to other boys, they’re told to man up or the response is “boys will be boys”. Is that right?
“Liberals are obsessed with language and controlling the words people use. If they can control our words, they can control us,” Ann Coulter said.

It’s not about controlling anyone. It isn’t about wanting to control the society, it’s about wanting to give everyone a comfortable space to thrive and be happy in.

The way we are in society shouldn’t be labeled as “sensitive”. Many things the older generation does and says is offensive to us, much like it probably was to them with things their parents did. While I don’t think we’re too sensitive, we need to recognize that sometimes, things are from a different time.

You aren’t going to look at a 90 year old and tell them not to say a slur that, although likely still offensive during their time, was acceptable to say when they were younger. They are, quite literally, from a different time and they see the world differently.

Older generations have endured much change in their life and I’m sure that when Gen Z is older, we’ll see things and go “they’re too sensitive” as well. It’s a matter of the time period. What we’re doing right now is for right now.