BGSU Hazing Incident

On the evening of March 7, 2021 a tragesty happened to a student of Bowling Green State University when 20 year old Stone Foltz died 3 days after he attended a fraternity event where there was hazing activity.

Stone Foltz (20 years old) attended a fraternity event where there was alcohol related hazing activities going on and unfortunately Stone died three days after he attended this party

¨ The death of Stone Foltz is a tragedy, at this time we are gathering all the facts on his untimely death, as of early Sunday Foltz is being kept alive on life support so his organs can give someone else a second chance.¨Said Sean Alto a lawyer for the family of the deceased

This means that this family is doing all they can to see what happened to their son and hopefully they can get to the bottom of this to make sure that this won’t happen to anyone else’s kids.

¨ We had to drink a handle of any drink our bigs gave us, we had to finish it in the time we were there. A handle is about 59.2 oz of alcohol, more than twice the size of a fifth of a gallon.¨Said a student that attended the party

This means that when Mr. Foltz left the event at 11 or 11:30 he was most likely extremely intoxicated and his roommates found him unresponsive so they immediately called 911.

¨We refuse to condone any illegal behavior we plan on permanently suspending the chapter and all of its members, we have a zero tolerance policy on any illegal activities, substance abuse,bullying and hazing of any kind¨ said the parent organization of the fraternity at bowling green.

This seems like we are going to see justice for Foltz and hopefully there won’t be a next time we have to wheel another child out of a fraternity house. Hopefully the family of foltz can know have justice for their late son.