Eminem’s Tone Deaf Sparks Reactions

Eminem is getting canceled again by GenZ for his song Tone Deaf for being offensive. But there not going to be offended at songs like Kim where he talks about how he kidnapped his wife and killed her in the forest. or songs like Cleaning out my closet dissing his mother saying he doesn’t want to see her again and he and Hailie Jade his daughter won’t go to her funeral. Or even songs like The Way I Am for saying he doesn’t want to talk to fans in public.

The Song Tone Deaf was released a few months back with his newest album Music To Be Muder By side B. in the song he address people trying to cancel him but he doesn’t care with the line “‘Cause they won’t stop until the cancel me.” For Eminem things go in one ear and out the other cause 20 years ago people tried to cancel him and it didn’t work then so it won’t work today.

“I think he doesn’t deserve it. Also GenZ is full of snowflakes.” says sophomore Demitrious. Kaufman

In the Album Marshall Mathers LP the song Kim, he describes how he Took his wife to the middle of the woods. In the song he acts deranged and crazy with lines like “Oh, my god I’m cracking up get a grip Marshall.” Will his wife is crying in the background. Apperly this is not worth getting offended at but the song Tone Deaf is.

“It has to be the time the song Kim was years ago but Tone Deaf isn’t a year old.” says sophomore Alex Davis

In several of his songs Eminem diss Donald Trump and Mike Pence in a song like Ringer. He refers to Trump as Agent Orange. Which would upset Republicans so he doesn’t get Canceled for that but he does for making a song called Tone Deaf and a animated music video.

“People are going to be people on the internet full of cry babies.” says sophomore Demitrious. Kaufman

If Emiemin couldn’t be canceled by GenX or even the United States Government then GenZ isn’t going to be able to do anything. But the thing about cancel culture is that it’s just a bunch of people that are sensitive to things that aren’t worth getting upset about. So like all cancel culture it will blow over in a few days or a few weeks.