Take a sip of holiday cheer in Findlay

Findlay is full of local coffee shops and cafés that provide an extra kick of spirit this holiday season. Each shop has seasonal flavors that customers can choose from to create their ideal December drink.

It is easy to stop by any fast food place to grab a quick drink. But George House, Coffee Amici, Baker’s Cafe, We Serve Coffee, and The Baking Company are all local shops that carry delicious winter coffees, lattes and other drinks.

“Even just walking downtown, you pass three different coffee shops,” junior Nolan Tiech said. “You have so many options for going through a small area.”

Coffee Amici is a popular location among FHS students for its comforting atmosphere in downtown Findlay. Teenagers fill the café every day to study and hang out with friends.

Coffee Amici’s most popular seasonal drink is their Christmas Cake latte. The drink contains thick caramel, caramel pecan, and English toffee. Amici has an extensive holiday drink recipe list, allowing coffee enthusiasts to pick an ideal drink that suits their taste.

“I love Coffee Amici because they have a good selection of coffee that works for me, since I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself,” senior Johnny Phung stated.

Baker’s Café recently moved to accompany Coffee Amici on Main Street, and the shop is popular for its food, bakery, and drink options. Pastry lovers can purchase a muffin or scone along with their holiday coffee.

“The environment at Baker’s Café is cute and it feels like a very cozy place,” Tiech added. “Their food and drink options are great and I like going there on a cold day.”

The Baking Company on South Blanchard rebranded too, as the inside of their store takes on a whole new ambience. The café still sells endless baked goods as they did when they were known as Bread Kneads. They also added countless drinks to their menu such as boba tea, smoothies, and cappuccinos.

“The aroma is amazing, the vibes [at the Baking Company] are immaculate,” senior Ellie Denike said. “I love their cupcakes when I’m having a bad day…and they have good boba.”

We Serve Coffee, also located downtown, is a nonprofit shop with a unique vibe. The café features artwork of local artists, and is full of comfortable seating for customers.

The café is well known for their breakfast paninis and delicious desserts, but they have numerous drinks to choose from.

“They have a very nice atmosphere [at We Serve] where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. Even on a rainy day, you see people going by on the street which is a nice little vibe,” senior Gaben Helms explained. “You can do homework there and there are plenty of inviting workers.”

Findlay’s most noticeable café renovation is none other than George House, a shop located by the University of Findlay. George House recently changed its indoor design, taking on new white walls and a clean atmosphere.

George House carries delicious holiday drinks such as chai lattes. Additionally, the café is applauded for its large selection of teas, including various herbal, green, and black teas.

“George House [is my favorite] because they have the best chai in Findlay. I get the Australian Chai, which has caramel in it,” sophomore Lily Perkins said. “I like the atmosphere, it’s really home-y in there, the people are pretty nice, and I always run into people I know.”

Findlay has tons of options for seasonal beverages to fuel the town’s spirits. Each café has its own atmosphere, so customers can feel at home no matter where they go. Plus, supporting local businesses really is the best way to spread holiday cheer this December.