Are you prepared for your future?

How well are students prepared for their future?

This is a question that a lot of people ask, especially in high school. Some people come out of high school fully prepared and fully ready, but there are people who struggle a lot and have no idea how to do anything with finance or how to save money or anything.

At FHS,we thought it would be important to ask students questions about how they feel about their future along with a few other questions.

“School hasn’t really taught me yet on how to pay taxes or any bills of some sorts so that is how I am not really prepared for the future” sophomore Mason LaRiche said.

Mentality is a key for success. As a student, you always want the best mindset.

“A good way to mentally prepare for the future would be putting myself in a good mindset that I can have for the future, I know that after high school that things are going to be different so I am looking on how I can make that easier for myself so I don’t get as much stress later on if life” freshman, Athens Dysinger said.

Of course, after high school most people will enter the workforce, but are students really prepared for that?

“I feel very prepared to enter the workforce, I think that I have the skills and what it takes to be the career I wanna be in. School has kinda played a part in it too, it has pretty much taught me how to work well with others” sophomore, Katie Hoos said.

Besides entering the workforce, there is always higher education for you. Some people don’t know whether to do it or not.

“I feel that I am prepared to pursue higher education. Taking CCP and honors level classes not only taught me the subjects, but more importantly, effective study habits and how to balance a workload. Through the classes here I have also found what I want to pursue, and this is something very important to know before heading to college” senior said.