A new program L.E.A.D. has been introduced at FHS this school year in hopes of helping with clear expectations and setting boundaries with students relating to their dress, language, and other important topics.

The program, known by the acronym LEAD, is supposed to help students remember rules with language (L), engagement (E), arrival times (A), and dress (D). In other words, the program was introduced to enforce timeliness, dress code, engaging in schoolwork, and to reduce foul language.

The staff of FHS say there has already been improvement within the classroom environment.

“I think expectations have been set and we are seeing improvement in all the areas already,” band director Mr. Wilson said.

Other teachers agree with the program, too.

“We have noticed improvement with language in the hallways and people generally being a little more respectful to each other, and tardies have been better as well,” English teacher Mrs. Williams comments.

There are also some students who agree with the program.

“They’re okay I guess,” senior Mackenzie Kirk comments. “They do their job, so that’s good enough for me.”

Though some students agree with the staff that the L.E.A.D. program is a good thing, some argue it is unnecessary and unimportant.

“Kids are just going to keep doing what they want even if they have consequences like it is now,” freshmen Emma Thompson states. “It’s not going to change.”

Another interesting point that was brought up was the new regulations may help with students’ futures and careers, as well as social skills.

“We need to help you guys all understand the need for important soft skills in life,” History teacher Mr. Hayfield says. “Skills that employers are going to look at. “We don’t get to dress the way we want to in the world, we don’t get to speak the way we want in the world, we have to arrive, and we have to speak to people in a respectful and professional manner.”

This brings up the point of how it is also to help the students here at FHS learn to work inside of boundaries well, so when they go out to other opportunities in the world, are able to thrive there.

Overall, opinions on the new L.E.A.D. program are very diverse throughout the school.

While everyone is allowed to have their own opinions, this is a new rule within the building and consequences will be given by teachers and administration if they are not followed, such as being sent down to the office, detention, parents being called, and other forms of punishment.