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Sam and Colby

Youtuber duo Sam and Colby started their channel in October of 2014. They originally posted comedy videos on the channel and have now changed to exploring and filming so-called haunted places.

Sam and Colby have two different combined channels as well as their separate channels. Their main combined channel has a total of 10.9 million subscribers and the second channel has 1.32 million. Their main attraction on the channel is during the month of October called “Hell Week”.

During Hell Week Sam and Colby spend 7 days in different haunted locations and do investigations to try and figure out why the place is haunted. This year Sam and Colby spent an entire week at a place well known to most people in America, the real Conjuring house.

Located in Burrillville, Rhode Island the Conjuring house is one of the best well known haunted homes in America. The Conjuring house is a haunted house that is now well known because of the movie franchise with the same name. The Conjuring series is a set of movies following demonologist Ed and Lorraine Warren and the haunted encounters they went through throughout their work.

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The first well known story of the house is of the Perron family that moved into the home in the 1970’s. Throughout their time in the home the Perron family realized things were not correct with the home. The family would hear things inside of the home and oftentimes felt different then normal while inside of the home.

The family called the Warrens after the mother Carolyn

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