NCAA Football: the season so far

The NCAA closes week 9 of the college football season with powerhouse teams and their star players showing out this week.

So far, of the top 25 teams, there are six teams that are undefeated. In order of ranking, the teams are Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee, Michigan, TCU and Clemson.

The Georgia Bulldogs had a week 9 game against the Florida Gators that started off with two major turnovers that caused a 78 yard touchdown for the Gators. Towards the end of the game, Georgia scored several touchdowns on their next possessions making the final score a comeback 42-20 win against the Florida Gators.

“Georgia will have to clean things up before next week’s showdown against the No. 3 Tennessee at Stanford Stadium that might decide which team wins the SEC east” ESPN reporter Mark Schlabach said.

It would not be college football if there was not the large number of top tier playmakers in the league.

Ohio State defensive end J.T. Tuimoloau had a big defensive help to win against Penn State in Saturday’s game. Tuimoloau had two sacks, two interceptions, one forced fumble, one recovery of a fumble and a tipped pass that led to an interception of the ball.

“I think that Ohio State’s future is in good hands with the upcoming recruits and the current players on the team,” sophomore Bryson Jones said.

Although next year’s NFL draft isn’t for a while, professional scouts look closely at the possible prospects performances in the NCAA and week 9 is no exception to that.

Garrett Williams is the projected #2 NFL pick based on his in-game performance when Syracuse took on Notre Dame. Williams only had three tackles in the game, as there was not much else he could do to make his performance better because he had to leave the game on crutches due to an injury.

“There is still plenty of time to get healthy or to come back and get more good tape out,” writer Joe Ditullio said.

While each week of the NCAA football regular season is looked at closely, each week is unpredictable with injuries and each week has the possibility to ruin a dominant team’s projection. Once week 10 hits, teams are going to want to perform at their best ability with the up and coming playoffs in December.