How to Stay Connected With Your Family This Holiday

Travelling during the holidays will be very different this year due to Covid. People may just have to stay home with their own family. Here’s how you can stay connected with your family this Christmas.

Zoom is a very easy to use way to get a bunch of people in a group call. Schools have been using it for classes this year. If you use Zoom, your family can all communicate and see each other’s smiling faces, even if you can’t meet in person.

“I did Thanksgiving on Zoom and it went very well,” says senior Tyler Bihn. Although the family couldn’t eat together, they were able to spend time with one another.

Sending mail, packages, and special cards to your family members will lighten their day. If they can see that you are putting in effort to stay connected, they will appreciate it.

“I would use services like google meet and zoom to stay connected,” says senior Jacob Stansberry. Zoom is a go to service for conference calls, as schools all around the world have used it.

A regular old fashioned letter may be what your relatives would like the most, especially your grandparents. If you can put thought and love into writing them a card, they would appreciate it very much.

Although this holiday will most likely be spent away from relatives, you can use tools like the ones given to make sure everybody still feels the holiday spirit.