Holiday Shopping in the pandemic

COVID-19 had multiple effects on traditions and events this holiday season. Annual things like Black Friday were even affected by COVID-19.

Black Friday wasn’t the same as the traditional Black Friday this year. Multiple stores chose to establish deals throughout the week instead of a day. Some places decided to go full online during this time.

“It was different because you didn’t have to do all the shopping on Friday,” says medical worker Amanda Grindell.

Using these methods, it lessens the normal amount of people storming into locations at a time. The stores would continue the same COVID-19 guidelines.

Besides Black Friday, many people still need to shop for Christmas coming up. With cases rising, holiday shopping is predicted to take place a lot online. Stores however, are not shut down in the Findlay area.

“Online shopping is where it’s at. Everything comes to your doorstep and you’re safe,” says sophomore Emma Welker.

With the lack of in person shopping, local businesses are losing customers. Local businesses are not getting as much attention like online websites for shopping. As of now, most local businesses are open.

Unfortunately, if the COVID-19 cases continue to rise, shopping will eventually close down again, like early this year. If that time comes soon, local businesses will be in a struggle once again.

Many things changed this year, some things liked more than others. Although change is hard, holiday shopping won’t have a very overwhelming switch.